Solar Panel Pigeon Removal

The Green Energy Solar Boom might have been the best thing this century for both Planet and the Pigeon Control Business.
The Earth is much more important of course!

Solar panel systems are usually elevated above the roof approximately 6 inches. These few inches have created a new abundance of pigeon habitats. This open area beneath the panels provides the shelter and security pigeons need to thrive. A perimeter fencing around the solar array is required to seal them out. Roof-top solar arrays through out the Las Vegas Valley are lacking adequate protection, but we have the solution.

Over the 25+ year lifetime of solar panels, at some point a pigeon infestation is a near certainty. As with most things pigeon prevention works better than the cure. Pigeons breed quickly and can start producing chicks in the first few months.

Performing the Solar Panel Pigeon Abatement before before pigeons become a problem is much simpler for two reasons.

  1. First when there are no nests or feces to clean out under the solar panels making the jobs are a lot easier.
  2. The second major plus of preemptive pigeon abatement, is if there are no pigeons living there, then there are no stubborn pests to kick out. Their powerful homing instincts can make them costly pests to get rid of.

Whether it’s a brand new system or one filled with pigeon debris, reaching out to Goldstar Services takes out all the guess work. With the special nature of this sort of work & the challenges that come along with finding the right service provider, choosing Goldstar Services is a very good choice. We offer near Pigeon Whisperer pigeon control quality the first time.

Consider a novice dog handler to our Military K-9 hero’s. It’s a huge difference, and that’s a fair comparison to a standard pest control tech and the Las Vegas Pigeon Whisperer.