Happy Spring

Pest Control Las Vegas

Spring time has officially arrived in Las Vegas Valley. The nice weather is here, but with that comes the Pests, Pigeon mess, and Bed Bugs. Some tips to keep those pests away:

  • Keep a clean floor, when spills happen clean up right away.
  • Remove the trash from your house or business regularly so it’s not sitting around.
  • Keep your fruit in the refrigerator, this will keep those bugs away and keep your fruit lasting longer.
  • Keep the kitchen sink clean, wash your dishes daily.

These tips will help keep those pests away, but if they still some how get in, it’s best to call a professional. Do-it-yourself ideas can work temporary but can be costly if you have to keep doing it over and over. By calling a professional you get rid of those pests the right way. Contact us right away so your pest problem doesn’t get out of control, which can be very costly. Fight them early and you’ll have a pest-free Spring.

enjoy your Spring
pest free


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